Companies that have benefited from Cameron's training:

“Cameron thank you for providing a fun and wonderfully rewarding workshop. It gave me the kick I needed to break out from self-imposed limitations and be how I want to be: bolder, better, more confidant. I have already benefited from it. After your session I initiated conversations critical in resolving long-standing work pain-points that slowed growth and frustrated team members. Now with that all dealt with we are making real progress again thanks to you. I feel more energised and enthusiastic about work. Always uncomfortable being placed outside your comfort zone, but strangely highly exhilarating and rewarding afterwards!”

Adele. Transformation Delivery Manager, South West London NHS England. November 2017

“Great facilitor... warmth, understanding, and friendliness! Lots of useful public speaking experiences to share!”

Dominic – Business Presentation Skills Delegate. November 2016

“I attended this course and was pleasantly surprised on how effective the tips and lessons were. I left feeling very confident and looking forward to delivering presentations and speaking public in the near future.”

Funmi - Business Presentation Skills Delegate. November 2016

“We had the most brilliant sessions with VoxBox - it was a great chance to build team rapport, grow in confidence and find your voice. We laughed a lot and I left feeling more equipped and much more confident in my ability to speak publicly. Thank you so much!”

Beth - Business Presentation Skills Delegate. September 2016

“Really fun - definitely was never bored - it went quickly because you kept us moving from one thing to the next - and then suddenly at the end our confidence had risen and we all gave 2 minute impromptu talks!”

Charlie - Business Presentation Skills Delegate. September 2016

“Thanks a lot Cameron. It was a real confidence booster, not just in terms of public speaking, but in my case also being a really new employee at Virgin Care. I really enjoyed the course”

Matt – Business Presentation Skills Delegate. June 2016

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