Financial Presentation Skills

Financial Presentation Skills

A poor financial presentation can cost millions and, in some cases, billions. Smart leaders mitigate these risks by equipping themselves and their teams with the necessary presentation skills to leave the room buzzing for all the right reasons. These leaders and businesses, as a result, reap considerable benefits.

The risks of poor financial presentation skills:

  • Key messages can get lost due to complexity and information overload
  • Delegates are left confused, irritated or simply bored
  • Key decision makers draw inaccurate conclusions
  • The outcomes are weak, wrong decisions are made
  • Leads to loss of profits and reputation
  • Poor presentations reflect poorly on the presenter, manager and the team concerned.

Benefits of successful financial presentations:

  • Key messages are understood and actioned
  • Delegates become advocates of the key message
  • Key decision makers are better equipped to lead
  • The best outcome is found, the optimal business decision is made
  • The bottom line is improved leading to the growth of the company
  • The status of the presenter, their manager and team increases

After our specialist course, which is designed for finance professionals by finance professionals, you will have all the tools needed to deliver technical information in an engaging and powerful manner.

The VoxBox Financial Presentation Skills Masterclass

  • It is a specialised course that aims to produce influential and astute financial presenters
  • It believes that effective financial presentations should contain simple messages supported by concise and relevant data
  • It is taught by someone with a 17-year track record of successfully delivering financial presentations in a wide variety of business contexts
  • Covers everything you need to know and equips you with the necessary skills to exceed expectations
  • Demonstrates the use of visual aids such as charts and data in an effective manner
  • Teaches you how to communicate financial concepts in a language suitable for non-financial audiences
  • Coaches you on delivering presentations to busy people and the Executive Team and
  • Reveals ways of establishing your credibility, handling challenges and overcoming nerves

Delivering the perfect financial presentation requires specialist training from an expert with real world financial presentation success.

We offer a free, no obligation, taster session for first-time customers, so you can see the possibilities for yourself.

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