Business Presentation Skills

Business Presentation Skills

Master the skill of persuasive speaking to shape attitudes, influence behaviour, and steer outcomes. Through our presentation skills masterclass, you will explore all the essential techniques to inspire and engage others in any business environment.


Boost confidence
Impress business partners, colleagues and associates with a confident powerful presentation style

Win often, win big
Research shows that you can turn business failures into success simply by upping your presentation game

Lead with authority
Inspire, motivate and believe in others. To speak is to lead. Your speaking strength will gain you trust and confidence

Stay customer focused
Presenting well helps customers. Presenting badly is lazy and wastes everyone’s time

Better teams, happier staff
Effective communication creates a cohesive working atmosphere and boosts team morale

Improved bottom line
Increased influence and confidence, powerful leadership, improved customer focus, and happier teams allows your business to reach its desired outcomes and make higher profits



The right kind of expert
At VoxBox we are not just superb communicators and coaches, we have honed our communication skills in real-world corporate leadership positions before training others to do the same. This first-hand experience differentiates us from our competitors

Tangible, measurable results
You want to see a healthy return on your investment. We are one of the few presentation training companies to proactively measure the benefits, long after the delivery of the course.

Built for you
You or your team has specific needs and business goals. We consult with you well in advance, taking the time to listen, before designing the perfect bespoke course

Professional and friendly
All our coaches are business professionals intent on delivering a high-quality friendly service.  You can sit back and relax, knowing you are in safe hands

Money back guarantee
We are confident that you will be pleased with every aspect of our training and service. If you feel that the expected benefits were not achieved, we will refund the entire course fee



We cover everything you need to deliver the perfect presentation:

  • Building empathy and rapport
  • Writing clear concise content
  • Mastering physical presence
  • Adding a rich voice quality
  • Overcoming speaking fears
  • Eliminating nervous habits and filler language
  • Conveying information through data and charts
  • Presenting to busy senior executives
  • How to prepare and practice
  • Handling questions and thinking on your feet
  • Secret tricks professional speakers use that they don’t want you to know about



We coach groups and individuals

Business Presentation Skills Masterclass is perfect for teams, those that present regularly, leadership programs and graduate fast-tracks.

What does it cover: all the skills needed to become proficient.

Where is it: at a location of your choosing.

Who is it suitable for: any skill level.

How long is it: a variety of formats are available to fit the time demands of busy organisations.

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