About VoxBox

Why we do it?

Anyone with a goal and dream is required to share their ideas or business story as part of getting there. These are often pivotal moments that define future success. We feel both privileged and humbled to partner with individuals and companies in those key moments. Our satisfaction comes from seeing you win and receive the credit you deserve. We do this by empowering you to:

Speak with skill and confidence

Persuade to successful outcomes

Lead by inspiring others


Cameron is a phenomenal speaker and trainer. Shortly into his career, he was accepting invitations to coach at today's biggest firms including Nike, SAB Miller, Virgin, Sainsbury's, Natwest, Royal Bank of Scotland, British Telecom and Dyson.

In his 17-year long career, Cameron has experience in presentation coaching, performing as a professional MC, TV appearances, and running a bespoke financial modelling company. He could be delivering to the executive leadership one week, and performing MC duties at a company awards night the next.

It was running a financial services company that taught Cameron how to make a successful business presentation. His ability to regularly present, influence and sell at the highest levels of many of today’s biggest companies underpinned his success.

Cameron was a long-standing MC for an award-winning comedy club, the Funning Side of Covent Garden, which hosted comics like Robin Williams and other UK panel show regulars

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